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Executive Coach
Stephanie Coyle
For over a decade, Stephanie has been committed to transforming lives in the dental field. In her clinical career, she worked as a hygiene department leader in the bustling center city area of Philadelphia. Steph continued to grow with a peak preforming dental team in Colorado. There, she took on a leadership and coaching role to implement and continue development of a progressive periodontal therapy program. She also co-developed an internal marketing program for patient appreciation and increased referrals. Her outgoing personality has given her a keen sense of listening and understanding individuals' needs and values.

Being certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Steph values, supports and strives to implement laser technology in hygiene departments across the country. She is an advocate for personalized patient care, making her a coach who is committed to constant and never-ending improvement to help transform, not just hygiene departments, but lives. The new people she meets continually inspire her to grow personally and professionally, and share her passion with others.

Steph and her husband, Bob, are avid Philadelphia Phillies fans. When she isn’t traveling to cheer on her team at games, she can be found spending time with family at the Jersey Shore.

To contact Stephanie please email stephanie@hygienemastery.com or call (610) 698-9394.
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