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Under the direction of Shannon Richkowski, Hygiene Mastery has gained national renown for delivering the kinds of detailed, progressive strategies that enable dental practices to maximize their potential. That this sought-after speaker brings such thoughtful, high-impact analysis to her role should come as no surprise; her astute observations are born of 20 years of industry knowledge as a hygiene educator, dental coach and registered, laser-certied dental hygienist.

In addition to being a member of the American Dental Education Association, Academy of Laser Dentistry and Directory of Dental Speakers, Shannon has honed her consulting skills through advanced training with Fortune Management, Pac-Live, PDA and GenR8TNext. Each nugget of past experience and continuing education—including expertise in business administration—helps to bring the modern-day challenges facing dental teams into sharper focus.

As a result, Shannon and Hygiene Mastery consistently empower practices by successfully identifying and eliminating the obstacles that impede a seamless integration of patient care, clinical excellence and profitability. Her philosophy of “support at a whatever-it-takes level”—buoyed by her thorough understanding of the latest cutting-edge technology for RDHs—is changing the dynamics of hygiene departments across all socioeconomic communities. Along the way, dental professionals around the country are seeing the powerful impact that hygiene teams can have on a practice’s big picture and bottom line.

Raising the standards of professional care is more than just a business mantra for this proud military wife. One of Shannon’s passion projects involves offering dental care in Nicaragua through Bridges of Hope International, the faith-based nonprot that provides resources and relief to impoverished people in Central and South America.

To contact Shannon Richkowski, RDH please call (254) 289-5321 or e-mail shannon@hygienemastery.com.
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