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Shannon Richkowski Headshot
Shannon Richkowski, RDH
Under the direction of Shannon Richkowski, Hygiene Mastery has gained national renown for delivering the kinds of detailed, progressive strategies that enable dental practices to maximize their potential. That this sought-after speaker brings such thoughtful…
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Chris Hammelev Headshot
Chris Hammelev, RDH
Executive Coach
Chris Hammelev, RDH comes from a peak performing dental team in Southern Colorado, which utilizes Fortune Management. She has enjoyed being a hygienist for over 27 years and has also been a very successful treatment coordinator, as well as office manager...
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Stephanie Coyle Headshot
Stephanie Coyle, RDH
Executive Coach
For over a decade, Stephanie has been committed to transforming lives in the dental field. In her clinical career, she worked as a hygiene department leader in the bustling center city area of Philadelphia. Steph continued to grow with a peak preforming dental team in Colorado...
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Erin Kriener Headshot
Erin Kriener, RDH
Executive Coach
Joining Hygiene Mastery as an Executive Coach, Erin Kriener has been practicing Dental Hygiene since 2011. Growing up on a family farm in rural Northeast Iowa, Erin was exposed to entrepreneurship, professionalism, trust and an extraordinary standard of ethics. Her passion for Dentistry first began as...
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Julia Dent Headshot
Julia Dent
Executive Coach
You could say some people are born into their professions. Julia has been in dentistry her entire life. She is the daughter of a dental technician and grew up in her dad's lab. He used to put Julia and her sister to work with small tasks like putting case boxes together...
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Brooke Middleton Headshot
Brooke Middleton
Executive Coach
Originally from Georgia, Brooke graduated from Valdosta State University with her Associates in Dental Hygiene. She is currently in pursuit of her Masters in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina. Brooke has been in the dental field for over 8 years and has...
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