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Executive Coach
Julia Dent
You could say some people are born into their professions. Julia has been in dentistry her entire life. She is the daughter of a dental technician and grew up in her dad's lab. He used to put Julia and her sister to work with small tasks like putting case boxes together, then when she started driving she delivered cases to dental offices. A trip to her pediatric dentists office was always filled with laughs and hugs, as her mother and aunt both worked there. The dental profession has always felt like home to her.

When it came time to chose a career, dentistry was a natural choice. Julia went to the University of Southern California for her Bachelor's in Science in Dental Hygiene and then she further went on to achieve a Master's in Public Health at the University of Southern California. It was at USC that her passion for teaching and coaching others in the profession really flourished while having a "little sister" in the class below her and tutoring sophomore dental students.

In the nine years that Julia has been practicing she has been exposed to many different avenues in dentistry. She has been in multiple private practices working, not only as a hygienist but also as treatment, financial and hygiene coordinators. She has helped manage multiple private practices, and hired on board new employees. Julia worked with a nonprofit for a year where she ran multiple clinics and daily operations.

Julia is passionate about patient care, specifically the patient care that a hygienist can deliver. She believes the hygienist is the heart of the practice and they can make all the difference when it comes to helping a patient achieve their oral health goals.

To contact Julia, call 925-586-8045 or e-mail julia@hygienemastery.com.
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