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Design the perfect, Unforgettable program.
Through lectures, hands-on training, and webinar platforms, Hygiene Mastery Seminars provide a variety of practice growth, clinical excellence, and team building courses. Designed to influence growth and inspire positive change, our seminars empower audiences by successfully identifying and eliminating the obstacles impeding a seamless integration of patient care, clinical excellence, and profitability.

With a thorough understanding of cutting-edge technology, Hygiene Mastery speakers have gained national attention for delivering detailed, progressive strategies that enable dental practices to maximize their potential.

With a thorough understanding of cutting-edge technology, Hygiene Mastery speakers have gained national attention for delivering detailed, progressive strategies that enable dental practices to maximize their potential.

The Benefits

We Meet the Needs of:

  1. National Dental Conferences
  2. Dental Practices
  3. Dental Service Organizations DSO
  4. Dental Study Clubs
  5. University Alumni Courses
  6. Webinar CE's
  7. Dental Meeting Planners

Influence Growth

Inspire Change

Qualify for CE's


Our Most Popular Seminars:

  • The Digital Hygienist
  • The Million Dollar Hygiene Business
  • The Dental Hygienist Role in Increasing Case Acceptance
  • The Three Ways to Grow a Dental Hygiene Business
  • The Next Level in Clear Aligner Enrollment
  • Master Going Beyond the Prophy; Prevention Your Patients Will Say “Yes” to
  • New Found Profits From Advance Technology Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Step up to Laser Hygiene, The Future Is Now
  • Power Up Your Periodontal Therapy Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to travel with my team to experience a Hygiene Mastery Seminar?

Our Hygiene Mastery speakers come to your venue to deliver an impactful seminar, saving you both time and money.

How much does a Hygiene Mastery Seminar cost?

We are committed to making our seminars affordable. Our seminars range from $3,500 to $10,000.

How many people can attend a Hygiene Mastery Seminar?

Our speakers are highly skilled and experienced. We are able to accommodate events as small as a few attendees to stages of over 5,000.

Can attendees receive continuing education credit when they attended a Hygiene Mastery seminar?

Yes! Hygiene Mastery seminars are designated as an approved PACE program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry.

Client Testimonials

  • "As the managing director of one of the largest dental leadership and development companies in my state, finding speakers that inspire with skill, talent, knowledge, and ENERGY is critical. Our needs range from small, intimate gatherings of just a few dentists in an evening study club to individual practices to public and groups sessions with more than 100 participants. Shannon Richkoswski and her team of seasoned Hygiene Mastery communicators know their stuff. Their pre-event preparation is masterful and their front-of-the-room engagement is flawless. From an hour or two concentrating on specific clinical performance to a full day session covering national trends in dental hygiene, the HM speaking professionals read their audience, tailor their message and frankly, JUST GET IT! We consider Hygiene Mastery to be an absolutely essential adjunct to our coaching and consultative team and I can state unequivocally that our business has grown exponentially through their efforts."

    - Ty Aldinger Managing Director FM, HI
  • "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so focused and prepared to take the very best care of my patients after attending your seminar. I feel it is safe to say our practice really did not have a true perio program. Now, I believe you have awakened an awareness of the issue and given us the tools, and some of the most current knowledge on the matter. I have been with Wilson Martino for thirteen years. I managed the Bridgeport office and also took care of the financial arrangements, insurance, and accounts payable for the last four years. I was frustrated and unhappy with that position and really just wanted to return to our hygiene program. It took Dr. Martino several months, but he assured me that he would make that happen....and he did. Now more than ever, I know that was truly the best decision I could have ever made. I can't explain how refreshed and focused I feel after your seminar. I am once again so excited about the opportunity and ability I now have to help my patients each and every day."

    - Melissa Mayfield Betler, RDH, WV
  • "It was extremely an honor to be at your class Friday!!! I took several pages of notes and can't wait till my Tuesday meeting with my Hygiene staff to go over the course. Thanks again for coming to Texas to share such wonderful content with us."

    - Dr Humphries, TX
  • "Utilizing the platform of Hygiene Mastery, Julia engages her colleagues and audiences with authentic professional experiences that include practice management, non-profits, clinical care and preventive expertise. Julia is affable, generous and authentic. She delivers evidence-based information with a contagious smile and professional recommendation with confidence."

    - Celeste Dobbins, Marketing Director Petaluma Dental Group, CA
  • "I'm almost always rejuvenated after attending a hygiene seminar, but after spending the day with Shannon, I couldn't wait for the next day! I produced $2,555 SINGLE BOOKED!!! All my patients had financial arrangements done that day for treatments that they felt they needed. I especially found her periodontal knowledge helpful. Even after practicing hygiene for 23 years, I continue to learn and love my job!"

    - Glenna Lamm, RDH
  • "Julia is amazing to work with! I thought scheduling our very first virtual meeting for our AADOM Chapter would be a daunting task, but she made it effortless! She offered a few different topics to discuss based on how our Chapter is structured and the presentation she delivered was phenomenal! Julia is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, comprehensible, and informative! Giving us ways to make the hygiene department more profitable, even during a pandemic? YES, PLEASE! I would highly recommend Julia, and Hygiene Mastery, to anyone looking to make some positive and profitable changes in their hygiene department!"

    - Alecia Billingsley, FAADOM Secretary, Contra Costa CA AADOM Chapter
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