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The Dental Hygiene Business Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

Know Your Numbers, Know Your Hygiene Business

  • Do you know how many of your active Patients are being seen on a regular basis?
  • Do you know how your Hygiene salaries compare to measurable performance?
  • Do you know how much treatment is being presented compared to how much is being accepted from hygiene?
  • Do you know what your RDH’s produce on average per day and per visit?
  • Do you know what % of the practice production is from hygiene?
  • Do you know what % of your patient population is being treated for gum disease?
  • Do you know the accurate amount of downtime you have in the hygiene schedule? And how much that is costing you?
  • Do you know how successful you are at going beyond the prophy?
  • Do you know how your hygiene fees line up with dentists in the surrounding area?
Successful dental practices establish goals that allow them to measure the level of Patient care provided. This is a measure of the standard of care in your practice.

Hygiene Business Indicators (HBIs) provide measurable information on the progress of the Hygiene Business. If you do not know your Hygiene Business Indicators, you might be making important decisions based on emotions or feelings, not on the true success of your business.

Hygiene Mastery offers a comprehensive business analysis that provides you with valuable Hygiene Business Indicators on Hygiene Mastery’s 8 Pillars of a successful hygiene business.
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Program Benefits

HM Hygiene Business Analysis Includes:

  • A comprehensive review of the 10 Hygiene Business Indicators that are critical for a successful hygiene business
  • Comprehensive hygiene salary analysis
  • Video conferencing to identify areas of strength and areas that present missed opportunities
  • Follow up coaching session(s) to improve results for specific Hygiene Business Indicators
  • Additional support aids for further tracking and monitoring of the Hygiene Business Indicators
  • A risk free investment of $495 with a promised guarantee of 10x’s in production ($5000)
  • $495 investment will be credited toward any future Hygiene Mastery coaching programs

10 Hygiene Business Indicators

  1. RDH Salary Percentage
  2. New Patient Conversion Percentage
  3. Hygiene Production Percentage
  4. RDH Productivity Averages
  5. Case Presentation $ to Acceptance %
  6. Re-care Effectiveness Rate
  7. Hygiene Utilization
  8. Periodontal Percentage
  9. SDS Calculation
  10. Fee Schedule Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never talked about numbers with my team, what if they feel it’s only about the money?

We help you coach your team on the “WHY” behind the numbers and the story they tell regarding standard of care and performance.

What if I am not good with math, Excel, or a lot of details?

We will help you identify the most important key performance indicators and you will not need to do math or be an expert in Excel.

What if I do not have a tracker for monitoring?

There are many options when it comes to dashboards and monitoring systems. We will help you find one that will fit the needs of your practice.

How do I get my team involved in the numbers?

When you use numbers, stats, and business indicators as a scoreboard for accomplishments, we find that team members actually want to be involved. They take pride in the success they are creating together as a team.


Client Testimonials

  • "Hygiene mastery has been crucial for our hygiene department to see how tracking the business data correlates with our vision statement of providing the best patient care. As our numbers improve, our patient's oral health is improving!"

    - Dr. Audrey Mojica, CA
  • "Kandra and Hygiene Mastery have made a profound impact on our Hygiene Department. Through constant contact & monitors Kandra was able to work well with the Team. She took the time to get to know us. It also helps that she used to practice hygiene."

    - Jason Monroe, DDS, IL
  • "I attended a zoom meeting with Julia on hygiene mastery. She did an excellent job explaining ways to increase hygiene production as well as giving us new ways to schedule more efficiently. I would definitely recommend Julia, even if you think your hygiene department is already doing good, there is potential for more."

    - Lisa Maurer, OM CA
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