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Our Standard Proficiency Laser course is designed to provide information to Dental Hygienists regarding how beneficial soft tissue dental lasers can be in your practices. From this course, you will learn laser physics, tissue interactions, new technologies available, and how to implement lasers into your dental practice. Attendees will understand and feel comfortable using a soft tissue laser on patients.

Be Prepared to Learn and Understand:

  • Laser Physics and how to identify which lasers are best for Dental Hygiene services
  • How to use the laser on your patients and feel comfortable with settings
  • How important your soft tissue lasers are in relation to the acceptance of case presentations to your patients
  • New technologies available to dental hygienists and how to implement them into your practices

Practice Management Blueprint for The Laser Hygienist

  • Comprehensive step by step Laser Assisted Periodontal Program Manual
  • Marketing Laser Hygiene
  • Chart documentation for Laser Hygiene
  • Updated AAP/ADA Periodontal Classification System
  • Appointment Time Guidelines for Laser Hygiene Services
  • Periodontal Therapy Scripts for Successful Case Acceptance

The Benefits

Gain proficiency in laser clinical techniques

Increase profitability in dental hygiene business

Elevate the standard of patient care

Renew your passion; fall in love with your profession all over again

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a Dental Hygienist use a laser?

There are many advantages to laser hygiene, including bacterial reduction, superior coagulation, no allergic reactions, reduces pain and swelling, and it is effective on every segment of the population regardless of age. Marketing laser hygiene can be a beneficial technique to attract new patients and to reassure retention with existing patients.

How does a diode laser treat a periodontal pocket?

The diode laser promotes wound healing by infiltrating the periodontal pocket with Photons, allowing energy to collect in the mitochondria, and giving the body a chance to heal itself. Laser energy allows fibroblast to help create attachments. Collagen helps hold tissue tight, decreasing pocket depth.

Can my Dental Hygienist use lasers for treating periodontal disease?

Most states allow dental hygienists to use lasers. We recommend that all clinicians stay abreast of the latest state regulations and statutes.

What kind of laser can my dental hygienists use?

The most common laser is a diode laser. Diodes tend to be a favorite choice due to affordability.

What services do Dental Hygienist provide with a diode laser?

Your state board act will define the services allowed by the RDH. However, the most common use of lasers by the RDH is to support periodontal health, treatment of painful aphthous ulcers, and herpetic lesions.

What setting does a Dental Hygienist use with a laser?

Correct settings are dependent on many variables including the type of laser, contact tissue, pigmentation, power density, spot size, target temperature, and intended outcome of service. Upon completion of the HM certification program, you will be confident in choosing the correct setting on your laser.

How much will it cost me to equip my hygiene rooms with a laser?

Equipping hygiene rooms with a diode laser does not need to break the bank, and you will recoup the investment very quickly. Diode investments range between $2700 - $8000. A HM coach can help you understand the diodes that are available on the market and which ones fit your needs. We do not work for laser companies and do not get paid for our recommendations. You will receive an unbiased opinion.

Can the training and certification be provided to my RDH’s at my office?

Yes, Hygiene Mastery coaches can come to your practice to deliver a private training session.

What kind of support do you offer after the training/certification?

Your investment goes way beyond the hands on certification/training. We invite you to reach out to us and allow us to continue to answer your questions and provide insight beyond our time together in person.

How much is the HM Laser Hygiene Certification?

We offer public and private certifications. Certification registration can vary based on the number of attendees, location, and your state requirements. Contact us today to get an estimate for the certification that meets your specific requirements.

Client Testimonials

  • "The Standard of Proficiency for the Laser Hygienist is highly informative and perfectly professional. I now feel confident that I am bringing the hygienist standard of care back to my patients. Thank you Angie and Shannon."

    - Elizabeth McElderry
  • "Shannon and Angie were extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced. Their excitement about lasers in dentistry and providing the very best and most effective therapy for our patients is infectious and motivation. I would recommend their course to every hygienist and dentist who is interested in improving the health of their patients and strengthening their practice."

    - Michelle Trimbath, RDH
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