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Hiring The Right Dental Hygienist For Your Practice

Hiring The Right Dental Hygienist For Your Practice

When trying to hire a Registered Dental Hygienist, have you experienced the following?
  1. Uncertainty of where to post to attract valuable candidates
  2. A posting getting lost in the mix because it does not distinguish your practice from others
  3. Difficulty in finding time to invest in proper interviewing techniques
  4. Unsuccessful attempts at marketing the practice to attract new talent
  5. A qualified candidate accepting another offer due to a missed opportunity to hire
  6. Hiring a borderline fit that drains the practice resources
Poor hiring decisions are the most costly mistakes that practices can make. On top of costing tens of thousands of dollars in both direct and indirect expenses, bad hires can also cause irreparable damage to productivity, client relationships and team morale.

Great leaders appreciate the difference between an acceptable employee and the exceptional, A-team player. Teams who are well matched to their tasks invariably demonstrate higher levels of initiative and creativity, stay longer, and produce more. Finding excellent people is hard work and it takes strong convictions to hold the quality line under stress, especially if someone leaves unexpectedly.

Hygiene Mastery believes your people are your most valuable asset. Our coaches make hiring dental hygienists easy and successful for your practice.
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Our RDH Recruiting Service Includes:

  1. A comprehensive review of your practice needs and position offering
  2. The creation and customization of job advertisements to attract the right dental hygienist
  3. Posting and management of posts on local and national job sites
  4. Vetting and reviewing of all resumes (focusing on qualifications and experience)
  5. Screening of social media and on-line presence.
  6. Phone interviews for all qualified resume responses (focusing on communication and verbal skills)
  7. Live video interviews (focusing on interaction and professionalism).
  8. Background checks for qualified applicants
  9. Reference checks and follow up
  10. Daily summary updates and presentations of information for each applicant
  11. Customized business of hygiene coaching session for each new hire
  12. New hire boot camp for all existing Hygiene Mastery clients for no additional fee (fastrack HM program focused on getting them caught up)

RDH Recruiting Service Fee:

  • $2995
  • $1000 Deposit due at signing
  • $1995 Balance due 30 days after new hire start date

Exclusive Fortune Management Benefit:

  • $1495
  • $1000 Deposit due at signing
  • $495 Balance due 30 days after new hire start date
  • $1500 SAVINGS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what we are looking for in a dental hygienist?

Ample time is spent collaborating with you and your team to help identify the qualifications that meet your needs.

What happens if the RDH quits?

We will provide an exit interview. The key is to identify what could have been done differently to create a better match. If the RDH leaves within the first month there is no additional charge for the recruiting services to replace the RDH.

Do you provide training after the RDH is hired?

There are many training options available. We can help you identify which program would fit you and the needs of your applicant.

Can you help with expected salary guidelines?

Yes, we can help provide a salary expectations guide that will benefit both the practice and the applicant.

Do we have to be an existing Hygiene Mastery client?

No, our recurring service is a stand-alone program.

Client Testimonials

  • "Chris with Hygiene Mastery is an integral, essential, and invaluable part of my hiring process for dental hygienists. Chris understands me and my practice and has an innate ability to find hygienists that have the skill set, knowledge base, disposition and personality that fit beautifully with me, my existing staff and my patients. As a hygienist and practice coach she is uniquely qualified to recruit and vet qualified applicants. She has the resources and connections to thoroughly analyze each applicant, performs the resume review and initial interview and shares her thoughts in a timely manner. I have 2 exceptional hygienists currently in my practice, both a direct result of her hard work and drive to find the right people. The amount of time and effort she has saved me in the hiring process is invaluable. I have been able to stay focused on patient care and the management of my office. Hygiene Mastery has excellent, or should I say mad matchmaking skills."

    - Michael Diorio, DDS; CO
  • "Our timing could not have been worse than coming off the Covid mandated shut-down, knowing of the many sad stories of team members choosing to leave the dental field or hold hostage the owner dentist to return to work. Chris not only researched the current “hot place” to advertise a position, but then took on the glamourous task of receiving resumes, sifting through to find the winners whom she interviewed, and sent simply the best to us for our team and working interviews. Hygiene Mastery found us people who fit gracefully into our team personality, have the skills to make us a better practice, and the demeanor to let us embrace them quickly! Again, far exceeding anything I’ve ever experienced."

    - Patrick Prendergast, DDS, CO
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