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Coaching Program for the Business of Dental Hygiene

Hygiene Mastery is a customized coaching program that combines specialized in-office instruction with personalized consulting and intense monthly monitoring of key performance indicators. With a focus on modern technology, communication systems, and team culture, Hygiene Mastery will inspire continual growth and motivation within your practice.

Our hands-on, in-person training program is designed to master treatment enrollment, elevate the standard of care, and increase practice profitability. By evaluating 10 destinations within your practice to use as a roadmap, your Executive Hygiene Mastery Coach will create a personalized coaching program, specifically tailored to fit the needs of your hygiene business.

Hygiene Mastery goes steps further than traditional hygiene consulting programs. Even if they have never been responsive in supporting hygiene in the past, your entire staff will be involved with the bottom line at the completion of this revolutionary program.
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Program Benefits

Increased Profitability

  • Maximize Hygiene Service Mix
  • Master Treatment Enrollment
  • Schedule to Goal
  • Exemplify Internal Marketing

Increased Patient Retention

  • Implement Reactivation that Gets Results
  • Master Communication Skills
  • Design an Extraordinary Patient Experience
  • Build Value with Mouth to Body Connection

Increased Accountability

  • Established Goal Setting
  • Understand Hygiene Business Indicators
  • What Gets Measured Gets Achieved
  • Elevate Critical Leadership Skills

What You Receive:

  • Risk free coaching program
  • Hygiene Business Analysis providing a comprehensive review of the 10 hygiene business metrics critical for a successful hygiene business
  • Team introduction consultation, we earn the chance to work with your team
  • In-office observation, we walk in your shoes
  • 4 in-office workshops customized to take your hygiene business to the next level
  • HM New Hire Boot Camp - A fast track program for all new RDH’s that join your practice for no additional charge
  • AGD accredited CE hours
  • Unlimited post workshop coaching calls
  • Dedicated support for hygiene coordinators or administrative team members who source the hygiene schedule
  • Monitoring and Tracking of key hygiene performance indicators
  • Insurance coordinator support on hygiene service codes and narratives
  • Comprehensive fee schedule analysis
  • Access to the HM Business of Hygiene spotlight
Opportunities to elevate your practice to the next level and much more are waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide strategies to minimize broken appointments and open time in the hygiene schedule?

Yes, improving decreasing hygiene open time is one of our specialties, and we use key performance indicators to show results.

We have always treated gum disease, but we may have been doing so in a prophy. Can you help us make these corrections without upsetting the Patients or making our RDH’s wrong?

Yes, and you are not alone. We have helped Dr’s and RDH’s all over the country develop periodontal programs that elevate the standard of care. Our Dr's and RDH's rave about how smooth and seamless the transition was for them and their patients.

Does my team have to fly to your location for the training and endure expensive travel expenses?

No, a HM coach comes to your practice and works with your team to implement a customized program.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, our program is risk free. We do not use long term contracts. If we are not generating results, we part as friends.

I have tried other consulting companies, and my RDH’s did not implement the information. Why would I make another investment?

What makes us different is we are coaches not consultants. We take your practice vision as if it was our own and we enroll your team on commitments and action steps. We provide extensive follow-up, including monthly monitoring of key performance indicators.

Client Testimonials

  • "I have tried many programs to improve my hygiene department and nothing yet has motivated, untied or inspired my team to be consistent with meeting their goals until now. My hygienists have ownership and are committed to CANI (consistent and never- ending improvement) in every aspect of their day. They now feel like business partners, who run their own practices within my practice. Thank you, you are just what we needed."

    - Yolanda Mangrum, DDS, MAGD, CA
  • "Imagine a hygiene department that produces a million dollars or more a year, not just a doctor, but your hygienists, who, co-diagnose and treat your patients with excellence! That's just a glimpse of what Hygiene Mastery can do for your practice."

    - Andy Goldsmith DDS, CO
  • "Hygiene Mastery is a true hygiene education and training program! This program offers everything from clear and concise presentations to immediate implementation with individual attention. They assist every member of the clinical and administrative team with all of their questions and helps implement the suggestions made. Hygiene Mastery is what we call true excellence! Thank you for all that you do. We are looking forward to moving from good to great with your guidance and support!"

    - Dr. Tanya Manyak, CA
  • "Hygiene Mastery was a great refreshing and motivating program for our entire office. Our office has experienced many changes over the last year, changing staff, continual double hygiene, and constant change. Now, after new guidance by Tara, we have now streamlined our perio program and patient acceptance. We would recommend the program to any office that needs successful and productive results in their hygiene department."

    - Cherie Welch, R.D.H. & Jenna Beyt, R.D.H., LA
  • "Hygiene Mastery has encouraged our already strong dental team to put the pieces together and provide the best possible dentistry for our patients. Now we have a systematic way to approach patients depending on their needs and wants. Thank you Hygiene Mastery for showing us a new approach to providing exceptional dental care for all of our patients. Hygiene Mastery should be the standard of care in every dental office."

    - Pauline Jiddon, DDS, MI
  • "When I first met Shannon, I was still finding my feet in the 'Real World of Dental Hygiene,' and she started me on the right track. Having just graduated a few months before, I had so many questions, from the how-to’s of case acceptance to mouth rinse recommendations for teenagers. She walked me through the basics without judgment and helped uncover the bigger picture of Little Britches' Adult Periodontal Program. Shannon gave me the tools to continue on my path to Dental Hygiene greatness. She truly stands by her philosophy to support at a 'whatever it takes' level, and I am so thankful to have been able to work with her!"

    - Abby Wojcik, RDH., CO
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