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Keyboard with a button labeled growth to represent the ways of growth.Way 1: RDH Role in Increasing Frequency

Hygiene Mastery 3 Paths of Care leads to patient’s being seen more frequently.
  • Path 1: Prophy or a preventive maintenance appointment / D1110: Most patients could benefit from 3 Prophy appointments a year to stay healthy.
  • Path 2: Gingival Therapy / D4346: Bleeding in over 30% of the mouth with no bone loss. Pt will require at least 3 visits (GT treatment, 6 week follow up prophy, and 3, 4, or 6 month recare)
  • Path 3: Periodontal Therapy and Periodontal Maintenance / D4341 or D4342 and D4910: Treatment for active periodontal disease with periodontal maintenance recare. Patients will be seen on average at least 4 x per year.
When Patients are on the correct path of care; patients are seen more often. Health Patients equals a healthy practice!

Way 2: RDH Role in Providing More Care Per Visit

Establishing a service mix that goes “Beyond the Prophy”.

5 most common adjunctive services:

  1. Adult fluoride
  2. Adult sealants
  3. Advanced oral cancer screenings
  4. Hygiene laser services
  5. Product

There are 4 primary strategies we see hygienists utilize to be able to add adjunctive services to their appointment:

  1. 20/20/20 Rule: Hygiene Mastery’s time management system
  2. Utilization of the IOC: Show me verses tell me philosophy saves valuable time
  3. Anticipate the Need: Review charts to determine possible adjunctive services based on risk factors
  4. Focus on Schedule Changes: Looking for opportunities in the schedule that will allow added services due to schedule changes

Way 3: The RDH’s Role in Increasing Patient Volume

RDH’s are in a key position to increase the active patient count.
  1. Internal Marketing -  which includes asking for referrals and google reviews
  2. Supporting M&A's - RDH’s can help the purchasing doctor get the most out of their investment by leveraging the relationship they have with the patients and endorsing the new practice.
  3. Re-engaging non-active Pt's - RDH’s have the ability to influence Patients who may have left the practice. One phone call can go a long way.
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