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Christine Hammelev has been an integral part of Northgate Dental. Chris has mentored our hygiene team with exemplary instruction resulting in a cohesive team with positive production trajectory. She has also been the mastermind behind our implementation of treatment coordinator and has brought that position to new heights with exceptional patient acceptance. Her leadership, skill and overall team focus has excelled her to the top of her field in all aspects. Chris will certainly be an incredible addition to the Hygiene Mastery team!"

Dr. Josh Carter
Northgate Dental

Shannon is very organized in her approach, diligent with her follow through, and incredibly clear with her advice. All of Shannon's coaching is on purpose, with clear focus and direction. Her responses are always timely and definite!

Hygiene Mastery is a true hygiene education and training program! This program offers everything from clear and concise presentations to immediate implementation with individual attention.

Shannon assists every member of the clinical and administrative team with all of their questions and helps implement the suggestions made. She has incredible clinical expertise and energy that she brings to every conversation - seminars or individual coaching. Everything with Shannon has been impeccable!

Hygiene Mastery is what we call true excellence! Thank you for all that you do. We are looking forward to moving from good to great with your guidance and support!”

Dr. Tanya Manyak
Manyak Dental Group

The Academy of Laser Dentistry, Standard of Proficiency for the Laser Hygienist is highly informative and perfectly professional. I now feel confident that I am bringing the hygienist standard of care back to my patients. Thank you Angie and Shannon."

Elizabeth McElderry

Shannon and Angie were extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced. Their excitement about lasers in dentistry and providing the very best and most effective therapy for our patients is infectious and motivation. I would recommend their course (Academy of Laser Dentistry, Standard of Proficiency for the Laser Hygienist) to every hygienist and dentist who is interested in improving the health of their patients and strengthen their practice."

Michelle Trimbath, RDH

Kandra and Hygiene Mastery have made a profound impact on our Hygiene Department. Through constant contact & monitors Kandra was able to work well with the Team. She took the time to get to know us. It also helps that she used to practice hygiene."

Jason Monroe, DDS
Village Green Dental Center, Aurora, IL

Having worked with Kandra for a short time, I immediately realized her passion and dedication to a person's overall health is what drives her to continually educate and be educated. A true professional to work with."

Regina Smith

Prior to Selling my dental practice three years ago, I engaged a major dental consulting company providing in-office consulting services. I found the results to be very disappointing for the financial investment I had made.

When the new owner told me he was brining on Hygiene Mastery, I warned him of my past experience. Since I continue to work part-time in the practice, I was directly involved with Kandra's staff training. I was delighted to see the positive response of the staff. Kandra stressed the importance of each hygienist looking carefully at each procedure they are doing (or possibly should be doing, but aren't). She then had them form an agreement of how they are presenting it to the patient. Kandra then put tracking strategies in place tracking to evaluate their own performance related to each of these agreements.

Kandra is giving the hygiene department a solid sense of unity in the goals of their treatment, which seems to be making their work day much less stressful and more productive."

Richard G. Hutchins, DDS

If you are looking to bring your hygiene department to a superior level of performance, communication, case acceptance and knowledge, Kandra Sellers is the person who can help you accomplish this! I have had the sincere pleasure to work with Kandra in a clinical setting as a hygienist and as her office manager. Kandra was always tops in production, case acceptance and relationship building with patients. Our patients still mention that they miss her, two years later. She exhibited great skill as a team builder and coach to the other hygienists in our office. I highly recommend Kandra for your office!"

Lea Ullrich, RDH and Nancy Holm, DDS
Nancy H. Holm, D.D.S.

Hygiene Mastery was a great refreshing and motivating program for our entire office. Our office has experienced many changes over the last year, changing staff, continual double hygiene, and constant change. Now, after new guidance by Tara, we have now streamlined our perio program and patient acceptance. We would recommend the program to any office that needs successful and productive results in their hygiene department."

Cherie Welch, R.D.H. and Jenna Beyt, R.D.H.
The Louisiana Center for Restorative Dentistry

I have tried many programs to improve my hygiene department and nothing yet has motivated, untied or inspired my team to be consistent with meeting their goals until now. My hygienist have ownership and are committed to CANI (consistent and never- ending improvement) in every aspect of their day. They now feel like business partners, who run their own practices within my practice. Thank you, you are just what we needed."

Yolanda Mangrum, DDS, MAGD
Petaluma Dental Group

I would like to give a special THANK YOU to Kandra Sellers and Shannon Richkowski of Hygiene Mastery. Their hygiene program has helped our team to use the tools and develop the skills and the 'know-how' to excel at providing our patients with exceptional care. The program is customized to fit our offices and modified when needed to ensure success. We look forward to a continued relationship."

Jane Paisopoulous
New You Dental Centers

Tara's Hygiene Mastery VTI Videos have been invaluable and have had an extremely positive impact as I see my role as a provider and the level of care I deliver. As a result, I am able to encourage my patients to participate in a higher level of care, personal health, and well-being. I have learned the value and been given the tools to be part of a dental team supports successful re-activition systems, and ways to monitor measurable results of the services we provide to bring our patients optimal possibilities and create rewarding and successful practice. I highly recommend Tara and the Hygiene Mastery programs."

Catherine Winters Bryant
Mangrum Dental Corporation

Kandra Sellers is one of the top 3 hygienists that I have ever worked with, and I have been doing this since 1988. Kandra knows what good dentistry looks like, and what it takes behind the scenes for an office to provide that. It really comes down to customer service and communication skills to become a superstar as a hygienist. My hygiene department has been in the 95th percentile of hourly productivity in my large metro area for the past 15 years. Kandra has been a leader. I look for employees who can create relationships with patients, who can respond with resiliency to changes and technology in the clinical environment, and know how to use influence to get patients to WANT the services we know they need. As an employee, she was rock-solid as far as reliability, work ethic, attention to detail, and follow-through, as well as the sought-after enthusiasm to get results and always look for a better way. It has been a pleasure working alongside and managing her for 8 years. I would hire Kandra as a consultant in an instant­ she knows what hygiene success looks like because she has done it herself!"

Dr. Nancy Holm
Burnsville, MN

Hygiene Mastery has encouraged our already strong dental team to put the pieces together and provide the best possible dentistry for our patients. Now we have a systematic way to approach patients depending on their needs and wants. Thank you Hygiene Mastery for showing us a new approach to providing exceptional dental care for all of our patients. Hygiene Mastery should be the standard of care in every dental office."

Pauline Jiddon, DDS
Kakkaris Family Dentistry

What Tara brings is a wealth of knowledge with a can-do attitude. Because Tara has worked in a wide variety of roles in the dental field-clinician, dental hygiene instructor, office manager, and coach; Tara knows what it takes to operate a successful dental practice. Tara’s skills as a coach enable her to provide insight into motivating people and of even greater importance, coach different personalities. As a hygienist of 39 years, I like to think I have a good deal of knowledge and a skill as a hygienist, however, Tara has opened my eyes to new thoughts and techniques that have enhanced my approach to clinical practice."

Barb Maguire, RDH

Tara’s coaching in our periodontal practice since April 2010 has been invaluable. This has enabled us to become more efficient, provide additional services, and increase patient enrollment. She helped us grow our hygiene production 30% in one year in our challenging economy. Tara has also been instrumental with coaching our front office team, allowing them to be more comfortable with collecting from patients at the time of service. Sharing her in depth knowledge of practice management increased our overall collections by 14%!"

Dr. Walter Sepe, DMD, MS

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so focused and prepared to take the very best care of my patients after attending your seminar. I feel it is safe to say our practice really did not have a true perio program. Now, I believe you have awakened an awareness of the issue and given us the tools, and some of the most current knowledge on the matter. I have been with Wilson Martino for thirteen years. I managed the Bridgeport office and also took care of the financial arrangements, insurance, and accounts payable for the last four years. I was frustrated and unhappy with that position and really just wanted to return to our hygiene program. It took Dr. Martino several months, but he assured me that he would make that happen....and he did. Now more than ever, I know that was truly the best decision I could have ever made. I can't explain how refreshed and focused I feel after your seminar. I am once again so excited about the opportunity and ability I now have to help my patients each and every day."

Melissa Mayfield Betler, RDH
Stonewood, WV

I very much enjoyed the seminar presented by Shannon. The information that was shared with us was a huge help. I loved her personality and the way she connected with us. She was very confident and straight forward about the responsibilities that we have in our profession – helping us realize that we can make a difference if we so choose!"

Robin McCauley, RDH
Stonewood, WV

Hygiene Mastery was a great program! I usually despise CE and I had a great time learning how to better treat my patients. I feel like I have a bigger “tool box” to work from. I am now better prepared to explain, enroll and treat perio. Giving my patients the best care possible has always been my number one priority. With what I learned from Hygiene Mastery, I am more prepared to do so. Thank you so much for all of the helpful information to make our dental hygiene care the best that it can be."

Shannel Martz, RDH
Stonewood, WV

I'm almost always rejuvenated after attending a hygiene seminar, but after spending the day with Shannon, I couldn't wait for the next day! I produced $2,555 SINGLE BOOKED!!! All my patients had financial arrangements done that day for treatments that they felt they needed. I especially found her periodontal knowledge helpful. Even after practicing hygiene for 23 years, I continue to learn and love my job!"

Glenna Lamm, RDH
Stonewood, WV

When I first met Shannon, I was still finding my feet in the 'Real World of Dental Hygiene,' and she started me on the right track. Having just graduated a few months before, I had so many questions, from the how-to’s of case acceptance to mouth rinse recommendations for teenagers. She walked me through the basics without judgment and helped uncover the bigger picture of Little Britches' Adult Periodontal Program. Shannon gave me the tools to continue on my path to Dental Hygiene greatness. She truly stands by her philosophy to support at a 'whatever it takes' level, and I am so thankful to have been able to work with her!"

Abby Wojcik, RDH
Longmont, CO

Shannon's passion and dedication to her clients, patients and the oral hygiene profession is unmatched. I have never known a hygienist that cares so much about her patients' oral health, can enroll them in the treatment they need and produce more than most dentists without overselling. She is proficient in all the latest technologies used in the hygiene room and has the business mind to run a successful, profitable hygiene department. Her work with my dental clients has created many breakthroughs from increasing level of periodontal disease treatment, to increased co-diagnosis and enrollment to teamwork and leadership among the hygienists. Any dental practice would benefit from Shannon's passionate knowledge and thoughtful coaching."

Kim McGuire, Executive Coach
Fortune Management of Colorado

Imagine a hygiene department that produces a million dollars or more a year, not just a doctor, but your hygienists, who, co-diagnose and treat your patients with excellence! That's just a glimpse of what Hygiene Mastery can do for your practice."

Andy Goldsmith DDS
Colorado Springs, CO