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Kristin Dann, MBA

Kristin Dann, MBA
Administrative Director, Hygiene Mastery

A firm believer in CANI (constant and never-ending improvement), Kristin brings expertise to the financial field with proficiency in budgeting, expense tracking, managing processes, corporate accounting, and policy creation, implementation and maintenance. 

Kristin is privileged to work with some of the best coaches in the healthcare industry and through this relationship has dedicated herself to providing unsurpassed support to her team and her family. Kristin prides herself in assisting her team at a ‘whatever it takes' level and strives to find an answer for any question that she is confronted with. With these core values and an extensive background in finance and administration, Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge to her entire team.

Prior to joining Fortune Management and Hygiene Mastery in the fall of 2010, Kristin was the Director of Finance and Administration for a government contracting company. This position required Kristin to manage a team of more than 30 people across multiple departments including Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology. In addition to managing her local team in Denver, Kristin also managed many additional team members in Washington, DC and Maryland. During her time in this position, Kristin converted the entire company to a new accounting system and implemented new project development software. Aside from managing the conversion and setup, Kristin also trained over 150 people in the company on the use of the software and created all supporting manuals and virtual training guides for use in corporate seminars. Reporting directly to the CEO, Kristin was responsible for monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reports as well as yearly financial audits and yearly government compliance audits. With her proficiency in operations, Kristin created and maintained all administrative policies and procedures as the company grew from less than 50 people to over 250 people in the span of one year. Kristin was also responsible for managing high dollar government contracts, one of which neared $85 billion in government allocated funding.

Kristin graduated with honors from Radford University with a Bachelors degree in Marketing & Management and a minor in dance. After graduating with her undergraduate degrees in only three years, she then went on to get her Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Accounting/Finance, also from Radford University.

Aside from her work with Fortune and Hygiene Mastery, Kristin enjoys running, cycling, hiking and spending time with her husband and two young children, Randy and Henry. She also loves to travel and enjoys photography. Additionally, Kristin teaches dance at the Metropolitan Academy of Dance in Centennial, CO. She feels very lucky that she has managed to make a career for herself involving accounting, finance and administration as well as her love for the art of dance.

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