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Kandra Sellers, RDH

Kandra Sellers, RDH
Executive Coach, Hygiene Mastery

Kandra Thomforde Sellers, RDH, BA joins Hygiene Mastery with over 19 years in the dental field. Her experience ranges from hygienist, dental sales, periodontal program consultant, and owning/operating her own hygiene service company. Kandra’s education includes a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene. Her experiences and extensive education have helped Kandra build the foundation she uses in building extraordinary teams and instilling a can-do attitude for positive change. Early in Kandra’s career she formed the philosophy that would ultimately help her leave every dental office she visited better than it was when she arrived – always practice above the standard of care, anything less is not acceptable!

While owning her own business as an independent contract hygienist, she found her niche and realized that there are many hygiene departments in need of support. The training Kandra provided showed hygienists how to structure their departments to more effectively diagnose, treat and maintain health of periodontal patients. Kandra formed a philosophy and standard of care requiring structure and solid communication skills focused on patient education. Instilling her own philosophy and standard of care, she insisted that every office educate patients on oral care and fluoride therapy products. As a result, patients were able to make educated decisions about their oral and systemic health. Consequently, her clients witnessed increased revenue while also providing patients with extraordinary care. This “give the patient better than the standard of care” attitude put Kandra in very high demand.

Before relocating to Illinois, Kandra was fortunate to be part of a team that utilized Fortune Management to optimize their practice. This gave her the opportunity to see the added benefits of combining hygiene consulting with overall dental practice and office management consulting. At this moment Kandra knew this was the career path she wanted to take in a continuing effort to improve patient care through better hygiene and team focused practices.

Kandra travels to Nevis, in the British Leeward Islands, providing dental hygiene for those who would otherwise not be able to receive such treatment. This, combined with her 15 years of volunteer work as a member in the National Ski Patrol, speak to the commitment Kandra has for providing better health and personal care for others.

Kandra’s goal and commitment to Hygiene Mastery, dental offices, and herself is to make her passion yours. As we give our patients the extraordinary care they deserve, we increase our overall production and build a team of knowledgeable professionals. Additionally, her promise to practices is to share with them all the knowledge and experience she has gained over 19 years and help to build the hygiene department foundation their practice needs to build a legacy. She is dedicated to live her own philosophy through teaching: always practice above the standard of care, anything less is not acceptable!

Kandra’s greatest joy is her family. Kandra lists her other passions as downhill skiing and traveling. After college she started with the National Ski Patrol and is proud of her accomplishments as a regional Pro-form advisor and the many awards received, such as: Blue Merit star for attempting to save a life, The Patrollers Cross award in recognition of personal sacrifice in service to all who ski, and several Years of Service Awards.

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