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Position: Coach/Consultant for Hygienists

We are seeking a dynamic, professional coach/consultant for the Dental Hygiene Industry.

The position of Practice Management Coach / Consultant for Dental Hygiene Departments combines business acumen, coaching skills, practice management skills, training skills and marketing know-how in order to help your clients succeed. The position is a combination of business development and sales along with in-house workshops and training, seminar delivery and coaching calls. The coach would cultivate their own sales through marketing events and networking alliance partners and coach the doctor, hygienists and their team to results. This is an extremely rewarding, entrepreneurial and fulfilling position.

Being a Hygiene Coach offers an unparalleled opportunity:

  • Tapping into your entrepreneurial spirit and gaining freedom in your work
  • Honing the Power of Purpose in your career
  • Being paid on results
  • Expanding your personal growth and development
  • Working independently and as part of a strong team

We will show you how to coach your Hygiene clients to:

  • Support their practice as a smart, successful business
  • Enjoy increased profits with less work and less stress
  • Lead their team to increased morale and purpose
  • Have a more satisfying personal and professional life

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Have a Dental Hygiene background
  • Have a strong business background
  • Have a strong sales background
  • Have a desire to help people and change lives
  • Interested in personal growth and development
  • Are in the dental community looking for the next level Coaching and/or consulting experience a plus.

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